Free Forex Tools

Forex traders use tools and calculators all the time, and trading either currencies or commodities without them would lead to trades being made without appropriate forethought.  Because trading carries risk, it is important to find tools to rely on, and use them in your trading system.  Here are a couple of free tools to help with your trading.

Tool Preview Description


 Carry Trade Calculator

A Carry trade calculator is used to predict the interest that you will either be paid, or you must pay when executing carry trades.  Use the tool


Fibonacci Calculator

A Fibonacci calculator is used to calculate Fibonacci ratios based on the previous days, or previous period of trading.  Ratios are calculated for an up trending or down trending market.  Use the tool


Pivot Point Calculator

A Pivot Point Calculator is used to calculate pivot points in any trading market. A pivot point is where a up trending market pivots downwards, or a downward trending market turns to a positive trend.  Use the tool