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Comment Editorial Guidelines

By Jeffrey Cammack Published: April 1st, 2019 Updated: May 9th, 2019

We encourage our visitors to leave their comments on our broker reviews, education articles and news posts. In some cases, we will need to either delete the comment or make edits so that it meets our guidelines.

Comments are going to have a number of competing ideas, and in such a setting, committed users will seek to make their opinion heard. We appreciate this heated exchange of ideas, but in doing so we will not tolerate hurtful or personal attacks. To be clear:

  • Don’t call people names or attack an individual’s character.
  • Contribute with your disagreement, and don’t just disagree to be a jerk.

Targetting of individuals in comments will be deleted, and the user banned.   Anything that is deemed hateful, inflammatory or just malicious will be removed. Don’t hate. Let’s just be friends.

We encourage constructive conversation as that is more helpful to other visitors than praise or complaint without context. To say that something is great, or did not meet expectations without giving some level of detail that can help other readers, will not be published. Ensure that every comment that you submit is a contribution to the discussion. If you are unsure if you comment adds to the conversation, perhaps withhold comment until you are certain of the contribution it brings.

The discussion is designed to debate ideas and not the character or tone of the person communicating the ideas. If this community is going to be able to establish what opinion is correct and create an environment where we can all learn and grow, we need to focus on debating the issues only.

Keep conversations on the topic being discussed, as moderators will need to remove the comment so the conversation remains helpful. Don’t use the comments to say hello to each other, or us, or whatever other creative use you can find for a comment box. If you want to say hello, share a picture, article idea or frustration, please send us an email instead.

Comments that are spam and self-promotion will be deleted. We are happy to look at blogs and websites and give a comment, so if you want us to see it, please email us. If we really like your blog, we may feature it in an upcoming newsletter to our community.

Offensive language will be removed, and the comment could be deleted. We do recognize that stronger language is required at times, but we will always encourage civil conversation that contributes to the greater conversation.

Don’t copy and paste. We want to hear your ideas, and so do other users. We kindly ask that you don’t find a section of text from other sources and include it as your own. If you need help writing a comment, ask another forum member or a friend to help put your ideas into words. The comments are for your thoughts.

As a reader/contributor to this website, we ask that if you see an issue please flag the comment or contact a moderator.

We reserve the right to delete and edit comments on this website without notifying the author. If you have questions regarding this policy, write to us at [email protected], but we do reserve the right to leave emails related to individual comments unanswered.

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