Profiles and Templates – MT4 Guide

A profile provides you with best way of managing a group of charts. In essence, it gives you the possibility to save your favorites chart or group of charts under a specific name with definite settings. This is a useful option if you regularly use the same charts. Whenever you open a saved profile, the group of charts with its saved settings will open exactly in the same position where it was when you saved the profile.

You can save as many profiles as you wish under different names and you can delete old ones that you don’t use anymore. The name of the current profile is shown in the bottom status bar window, which is the default profile created when the MT4 platform was installed.

Active Profile Name

How to Create a New Profile

The simplest method, to create a new profile is by pressing the  button on the main toolbar. You can also manage all your profile and switch between the profiles from the main Menu–> File –> Profiles. The “Save Profile” command will open a new window where you can choose your preferred profile name.

Save Profile Window

Managing Templates

A template is a collection of chart settings that can be saved and applied to other charts. A template will help you save your preferred chart settings, including the following:

  • Chart types.
  • Favorite Color Settings.
  • Used Indicators and Indicator settings.
  • Line Studies.
  • Used EAs.
  • Chart Scale.

When you try to apply a new template to a price chart, the saved chart settings, will be attached to the news chart. Once you have selected your preferred template settings you can simply save a new template by pressing the  button on the Chart toolbar. You can also manage all your templates and apply a newly saved template from the Main Menu–> Charts –> Template. The “Save Template” command will open a new window where you can choose your preferred template name.

New Template Window

You can use the same template on as many charts as you wish. If you want to assign a pre-defined template to a trade account the template name must coincide with the number of the trade account. If you want to modify a template or simply delete an old template you have to select the corresponding template by pressing the button on the Chart toolbar to select the appropriate command.

The profiles and templates functionalities are designed to make your MT4 experience more efficient. Both are particularly useful tools if you have some preferred settings you want to attach on multiple charts.

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